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Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Jan 11, 2019

Jayson B. Calton, Ph.D., FAAIM, DCCN, CMS, CISSN, BCIH, ROHP, A.M.P
In 2005, the Caltons were married and set sail on an unconventional honeymoon, a 135-country, 7-continent, 6-year global expedition they called “The Calton Project.” Their goal was to observe people from vastly different regions in remote, semi-remote, and urban settings, to discover how specific dietary patterns and lifestyle choices effected the development of modern disease.
Their exhaustive research has led them to conclude that micronutrient deficiency is at the root of most of today’s most prevalent health conditions and diseases and that through a micronutrient sufficient lifestyle it is possible to prevent and even reverse many of these debilitating and deadly conditions.

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