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Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Mar 10, 2019

Rowan Ellis created and co- owns Body Synergy- A world leading clinic based in NZ based on 30 years of experience treating long term chronic pain, neck and back injuries, Elite athletes from All Blacks to Ironmen and Ironwoman and the full range of musculo-skeletal injuries.

In this podcast we talked about:

The real causes of long term chronic pain

Corrective Exercise

Limitations of Hands on Treatment

Conducting research on over 500 people suffering back pain, his investigations with clinical neurophysiologist Dr Peter Taylor

EMG muscle testing

“Seeking first to understand, then be understood”

Creating a “Gentleman’s agreement” contract with clients for success
Huge performance increases from EMG retraining
Incorporating EMG and injury recurrence into DAILY ACTIVITIES
Developing brand new exercises form EMG
Busting the myths of what we thought exercises work with EMG

You can find Rowan and Body Synergy here-

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