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Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Mar 3, 2019

What an amazing podcast- Shawn Wells- Nutritional Bio-Chemist and Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

In this episode we talked about:
Overcoming Auto Immune Disease and the complications that ensued including:
Hashimotos Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Epstein Barr Virus
Benign Brain Tumour
20 Years on a Ketogenic Diet
Hip Labrum tear, Surgery and how to recover fast

Known worldwide as "World's Greatest Formulator" Shawn has headed and invented many of the supplements we now know today. His education along with credentials of Registered Dietitian and Certified Sport Nutritionist (CISSN), distinguished him as an expert in performance nutrition. Shawn has held the role of Chief Clinical Dietitian with over a decade in acute and skilled nursing care, grounding his ethics and practice of patient focused care.