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Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

May 7, 2019

Today I talked to Dr John Jaquish, PhD in Biomedical Engineering research c/o Rushmore University - an inventor, author and scientist. After successfully reversing his mother's Osteoporosis as part of his Doctoral Dissertation, he conducted four years of testing with human subjects focused Reversing Osteoporosis and Building Muscle with Exercise. Find out more at and
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In this episode we talked about:

Reversing Osteoporosis with OSTEOSTRONG
Banded Exercises with the X3 Bar
4.2 x Bodyweight needed to Grow Bone
Multiple Sets VS Single Dose Exercise
Engineers vs Doctors/Scientists for Challenging Convention
Osteoporosis has the same mortality rate as breast cancer
Physical Medicine vs Chemical Medicine reversed Osteoporosis to the bone density of a 30 yr old female from a 70 yr old female
Vegan Nutrition is Damaging to Bones
Muscle Optimisation Nutrition
Professor Jose Antonio and Protein Intake for Growing Muscle
How to Read a Scientific Study
Protein Intake 2.3 grams a day minimum
Being Ketogenic is Using Fat as Fuel
Is High Protein safe for Kidneys?
Growth Hormone Accelerator
How to stimulate the CNS with the correct stimulus to grow muscle and bone and growth hormone without damaging the body